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Apple Developer Account – Importance of Renewals

The first sign of trouble…

… appears when your MDM solution is working fine on Android devices but has stopped working on iOS devices. All the infrastructure is working correctly, servers are healthy, load balancers are up, no recent firewall changes…

A quick glance at the Apple Developer portal to check all the certificates and profiles are healthy shows that the enterprise developer account has expired.

Apple have four types of developer membership (details here). Prices range from 99USD to 299USD. Without an active Apple Developer membership your applications simply don’t work. (more…)

Evergreen IT with Apples?


When Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 they stated it would be the last “Windows [Number]” release. There would not be a Windows 11… or 12… etc. Lots of blogs wrote about the switch to (Windows) Software as a Service (SaaS) model. For Windows (10 or otherwise) this makes sense. Hardware vendors release new laptops/tablets and desktops(?) all year round. They simply take the current release and roll with it. (more…)

Screen Grabs and Office Displays – Part 1

The challenge

There are countless tools for producing in-depth analytics and dashboards from complex enterprise systems. Many of these dashboards are presented through a web browser (such as vRealise Operations). These dashboards are critical for command centre operations but also often make good “office displays” showing the activity of a system.

The challenge, how do you share a display when it isn’t just a single web page? For example, the dashboard comprises of multiple windows from different applications all manually placed on a screen? (more…)

iPads – Then and Now (with a bit of Pro)

As a Professional IT Engineer, technology is at the heart of what I do. Over the past few months I have been working with our Enterprise IT Architects on a range of mobile device management (MDM) solutions. These are often used by large companies/enterprises to manage the mobile devices of workers. During this time I have had the privilege to road test a number of “cool” handsets/tablets and other “Corporate IT things”.

Putting the latest iPad Air 2 next to my third generation iPad (the first with “retina” display) it got me wondering how much has actually changed in the past three or so years. How much of this change is technology and how much of it is adoption/people/culture? (more…)