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Apple DEP and Citrix XenMobile Invalid Profile Error


Setting up Apple DEP is relatively straight forward (start here). Once setup, connecting your DEP account to your Citrix XenMobile instance is again, pretty straight forward. The Citrix guide (here) is easy to follow and there are some great “step by step” guides elsewhere on the web – Antonvan Pelt’s is one of my favourite guides


After following the guide(s) everything appeared to be working correctly. Two or three handsets managed to enrol successfully and everything was looking good. However, after a while, devices started to fail to enrol with the message “invalid profile“. (more…)

Apple Developer Account – Importance of Renewals

The first sign of trouble…

… appears when your MDM solution is working fine on Android devices but has stopped working on iOS devices. All the infrastructure is working correctly, servers are healthy, load balancers are up, no recent firewall changes…

A quick glance at the Apple Developer portal to check all the certificates and profiles are healthy shows that the enterprise developer account has expired.

Apple have four types of developer membership (details here). Prices range from 99USD to 299USD. Without an active Apple Developer membership your applications simply don’t work. (more…)